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Our blogs are helpful for the obstacles which we had faced and based on that we have contributed certain blogs with profound data about specialized technical subjects. These solutions also have been useful for us to a better way for the clients who are dependent on us.

User Management – Azure AD B2C Graph API

Sometimes we don't want to manage users inside the application, but want to ship it to the cloud and use safer, easier and proven user management system then Azure B2C is the best choice. To fulfil this kind of requirement we need to create, read and update user accounts inside the Azure directory. Azure AD Graph API provides us feature to handle this tasks programmatically efficiently.

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Use your On-Premise active directory user to authenticate with your normal website in .net using Azure

It was interesting topic and challenge for us, as we have never done this kind of things previously. How can we access our local active directory user on internet, that was my first question when I read the requirement from one of my client.


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