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Jun 19, 2023 Business Analysis 901

In the fast-paced world of business, building strong client relationships is key to success. 

One of the fundamental aspects of nurturing these relationships is making clients feel special and valued. 

At Treta Infotech, we understand the significance of our clients' time and business. 

We go the extra mile to provide a positive and personalized experience that fosters trust and long-term partnerships. 

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May 17, 2023 API Integration,Performance 841

API testing is a type of software testing where application programming interfaces (APIs) are tested to determine whether they meet expectations for functionality, reliability, performance, and security. In simple terms, the purpose of API testing is to reveal bugs, anomalies, or deviations from the expected behavior of the API. 

API testing does not add to the look and feel of the software product. As an alternative to using standard input devices (such as a keyboard) or output devices (such as a monitor), API testing uses software to send calls to your API that you use to receive output during API testing and ultimately to your will do to document the response product.

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Mar 06, 2023 React Js 520

One common UI pattern is a multiselect component that allows users to select multiple options from a list. However, in some cases, users may need to add new options to the list that are not already available.

In this blog, we'll show you how to create a Creatable multiselect component in Material UI that allows users to select from a list of options or create new options by typing in a value. We'll use the createFilterOptions components that are part of the Material UI library to filters options

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Mar 06, 2023 Asp.Net Core,API Integration 486

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that offers a variety of tools for building and managing online stores. If you run a company and want to sell products online, you'll need a platform that makes it easy to create products, manage your inventory, and process orders. 

One of the most powerful features of BigCommerce is its API, which allows developers to access and manipulate data within a store.

In this blog post, we'll be focusing on the process of creating products, generating orders and closing them for a company using BigCommerce third party API.

To get started, we'll need to have a few things in place. First, we'll need to have a BigCommerce store set up with API credentials. This will give us access to the API and allow us to authenticate our requests.

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Jul 14, 2019 Angular,TypeScript 3549

Partial forms or views allows us to re-use the common logic and code and plug into various parts of the application as and when required. In this topic, I have explained how to achieve this by creating the sample angular 2+ application using reactive forms.

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