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How to write an Effective Approach

May 31, 2019 Business Analysis 0 3248

How to write an Effective Approach

It is essential to write an impressive approach which helps you to make a client convinced about your understanding of his requirement. The satisfactory approach would help you to be on the same page with the client. So, your chances to get the contract/project would raise. In order to provide a technical solution, a business analyst needs to recognize the demand and purpose of the business.

The approach writing focuses only on the process to achieve the business requirement. Here are some significant steps to write an authoritative approach.

Identify the Core requirements

  • Once the analysis part, the first step while writing an approach shall be the identification of the heart of the requirement. Write the basic understanding with the core identification of the scope of business.
  • At the first stage of an approach, the client should feel satisfied enough from our understanding of the core part of the requirement. The client should feel that we would provide an essential solution.
  • Explain the basic functionalities of the proposed business in such an impressive and in a brief way. Nowadays people don't like to read long phrases, explanations, understanding for the same points. Therefore the scanty strategy is adapted to impress the client.

Appoint Business Cases

  • Identify the possible business cases which are obligatory to consider to achieve the solution. List down all the business cases and divide the requirement into individual modules.
  • These modules shall be providing the explanation/understanding of the relevant functionalities.
  • These business cases shall be written in such a way, that it covers the need of business cases with their risks and benefits. The business cases are going to be the base of the requirement. Therefore they shall be written clear and concise sufficiently as they will be used to communicate the intended audience.
  • Include different types of business case diagrams wherever require, which would provide the acceptance as “Short and Sweet” judgments that would be helpful to highlight the work done from your side.

Solution Evaluation and Implementation

  • Once all the business cases are defined, one should write up the way of how those cases will be implemented. Write the solution for each business case that how it is going to be implemented, which technology will be used and why. Also, write about the reasoning for the selected strategy as a solution chosen.
  • The workflow shall be written as a guideline in a seamless and obvious way to a non-technical reader as well.
  • The workflow shall be clear and precise that would help to win the client’s mind with an impressive way. As being a service provider, you should be able to convince the client that you have thorough knowledge about the problem which the client has and you will provide the perfect solution.

Core Assumptions

  • It is essential as well to keep a ball in your court. Therefore, each and every assumption shall write in the approach. With these assumptions, you are clearing all the crucial points which match the client’s requirements but, which are not clearly mentioned by the client.
  • Why the assumptions are necessary is because they are offering a faith of you to be true in the future.
  • Make assumptions based on the knowledge you have, your past experiences, and the information is available from the client.
  • They are anticipated conclusions or circumstances which are expected to occur during the project's life cycle.

Relevant & Required Queries

  • One should ask all the doubts and queries for the unclear functionalities and workflow.
  • Being a service provider, you should ask queries which are related to the functionalities and for the project. The queries should be specific, relevant, and easily recognizable.
  • Always include polite and kind words in the queries, when you are requesting if something is totally not clear or you need the client’s inputs.
  • The queries shall be written in such a way that after, you are totally clear with all the functionalities related to the project. More relevant queries would show good analysis practice.

Concluding Considerations 

The project proposal approach shall be the one such document which covers all the elaboration for requirement analysis with evaluation, assumptions, and queries. It must be convincing and impressive enough as per the document’s name suggested, you are going to approach someone with whom you want to collaborate your work. With the conclusion, an approach should be precise, simple, and qualified to achieve the desired project.

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